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Electronic Waste Register
Technical Office Ftoulis George & Podara Eleftheria
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Our Technical Office undertakes the annual completion of your Electronic Waste Register.

What is the Electronic Waste Register?
The Electronic Waste Register (HMA) is an electronic service (4th level) provided by the Ministry and includes the electronic registration of the responsible bodies (Companies and Organizations) in the register and at the same time supports the registration of their activities (Collection-Transport Facilities and activities ) in conjunction with the declaration of the waste they manage and the permits that document them. It also covers the obligation to submit the Waste Report according to the new tables prepared by a RIS working group. It also enables HMA administrators to generate reports by processing the data entered into the information system by the required users.
The completion and submission of the annual PSC is mandatory for any activity where its facilities may generate waste. It is emphasized that the portal is open for the declaration of waste generated in the previous calendar year and the completion and submission is mandatory even if during the declared year no waste was generated and the declaration is zero.